MusXchange - A transnational mobility programme for a new generation of European musicians

EFNYO strongly believes in the added value of short-term mobility projects in professional music training. Following its beginnings in 1996, the musicians’ mobility programme of EFNYO has seen the exchange of more than 850 participants, and has developed into an indispensable instrument for the professionalization of young musicians in Europe.

The programme MusXchange, which was launched as a pilot project in 2009 with co-finance from the EU Commission and EU Parliament, is based on 20 years of experience of EFNYO members. It was continued and expanded in a second cycle (2012-14) and current third cycle (2015-17). Currently EFYNO is preparing an application under the EU Creative Europe Programme for a fourth cycle (2018-20)

MusXchange 2015-17: EFNYO's programme for fostering transnational mobility, strengthening of skills and audience building for pre-professional musicians in Europe

EFNYO's application under the EU Creative Europe programme for a Cooperation Project 2015-17 (small scale/cat. 1) was approved in April 2015. EFNYO was awarded a 60% maximum co-finance rate under this strand.
The new programme ran from April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2017, and included a total of 213 musicians and 30 managers participating in MusXchange activities. Together with EFNYO as co-ordinator and 11 project partners (P2-WJO, P3-JONDE, P4-OFJ, P5-JOA, P6-NJO, P7-OGI, P8-NYOI, P9-NYOS, P10-ORT, P11-JOP, P12-NNU), and further 20 associated partners involving a total of 34 countries. The joint activities happened within well-established, but also new and innovative formats, ranging from mobility projects in symphonic projects to bi-lateral chamber music projects, internships with professional orchestras, workshops for managers, and intensive bootcamps for young musicians.

The outcomes of the programme MusXchange 2015-17 were presented at EFNYO's General Assembly in Fiesole, May 11th - 14th, 2017. The final report in the form of brochure with statements of musicians and managers can be found here.

Join the EFNYO mobility programme for young orchestra musicians!

If you are between 16 and 26 years of age and a member of one of the national youth orchestras of the EFNYO network, you may benefit from a unique European exchange programme for pre-professional musicians called MusXchange.